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NIMANYCLUB NFT Watch Unboxing Happening Today – June 15

Collectors Will Discover Which Digital Watch They Received from Lottery of 1,810 Random NFT Watches

New York (June 15, 2022) – Anticipation runs high for NIMANYCLUB NFT holders as the NFT native watch brand has reached its official NFT watch unboxing date today, Wednesday, June 15. The unboxing marks the next phase of the project roadmap, and the first chance for NIMANYCLUB NFT collectors to discover which digital watch they received from a lottery of 1,810 random NFT digital watches: a common ceramic model, rarer “freak” ceramic, stainless-steel, or gold models, or the rarest mono-color unicorn NFT watch. 

All NIMANYCLUB NFTs that have been minted up until June 13 will be revealed on June 15th. To randomize the images, the brand will use the transaction hash of the last mint to seed the randomization. Any mints after the 13th will be revealed in three-week increments. As the project progresses through each phase, status updates will be listed online at

Nima Behnoud, NIMANYCLUB Founder: “I founded this brand with a dream to bring NFTs to the watch industry in the right way. I am so proud that from the start NIMANYCLUB has already clocked so many firsts in our space as the first NFT watch project with a proper roadmap and the first to create plug-and-play ready NFT watches that can also be redeemed for a real physical luxury watch.”

Behnoud adds, “We also pioneered a major first in the global NFT marketplace by partnering with Layerr to develop a patent-pending, property-based burning mechanism for this project. According to Layerr Lead Engineer Jack Benhayon, this technological breakthrough offers “the most efficient and secure way to burn nfts dynamically.”

The unboxing is expected to generate excitement amongst NFT holders for subsequent phases of the project, when they will have to the chance to NFT owners opt to bundle and burn their NFT digital watches in trade for rarer NFT watch models, or with select NFT models, to burn and redeem them for a twin physical timepiece.

Though some will choose to bundle and burn their NFT watches in subsequent phases of the project, NIMANYCLUB will incentivize NFT owners to keep their watch in digital format, says Behnoud: “Every NFT digital watch purchase effectively buys entry into the exclusive NIMANYCLUB. Those who hold onto their watch in the digital format will enjoy exclusive first access to merchandise drops, special values, and offers every forty-five to sixty days. Members must keep some of their NIMANYCLUB NFT assets in their wallet to remain part of the club.”

This June, NIMANYCLUB Founder Nima Behnoud was recognized in the 2022 WatchPro Hot 100, a significant industry accolade for a new brand in existence for less than one year. Behnoud, however, is no newbie, having served as artistic director of famed NYC watch retailer Tourneau and Creative Director of the Jacob & Co luxury watch brand before establishing the first-ever NFT specialized watch brand. In the process, he made industry history by launching the first digital watch NFT that can be redeemed for a real watch, successfully going from a digital product to a physical one.

About NIMANYCLUB: NIMANYCLUB was founded by industry veteran and creative Nima Behnoud in 2021 as the first-ever NFT native watch brand, introducing the brand’s world-first Luxury Watch NFT and physical product pairing in 2022 with the launch of 1810 NIMANYCLUB NFT Watches. Behnoud has worked with the world’s top-tier luxury watch brands as the former Creative Director of Tourneau and Jacob & Co. and earned his Masters in Global Brand Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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