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Gold and Gem Embedded Luxury Fabrics Come to Sartoria Studio for Scabal Trunk Show

One-Day Trunk Show on May 31st to Showcase Gold Treasure Box, Diamond Chip, and Lapis Lazuli Fabric Samples at Soho Made-to-Measure Tailoring Lounge

New York (May 26, 2023) – For one day only on May 31, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., guests are invited to discover a display of the world’s most precious cloth at Soho’s made-to-measure tailoring lounge, Sartoria Studio. The one-day Sartoria Studio trunk show will showcase Savile Row cloth merchant Scabal’s ultra-luxurious fabric samples– each cloth embedded and finished with microscopic particles of precious 24 karat gold and gems – including Lapis Lazuli and diamonds. The Scabal Treasure Box, Lapis Lazuli, and Diamond Chip fabric samples will only be on display and available for hands-on experiences for one day only at Sartoria Studio – one of North America’s only authorized Scabal tailoring partners.  

The edgy Soho haberdashery’s unique blend of Savile Row and Italian styling with a downtown Manhattan twist makes Scabal the perfect brand partner. The luxurious, exclusive Scabal fabrics within Sartoria Studio’s extensive sample offerings underline the haberdashery’s growing reputation as New York City’s leader in custom suiting and men’s made-to-measure apparel.  

Partnering with Scabal underlines the Sartoria Studio commitment and curated approach to offering New York City’s most extensive menu of garment customizations and quality fabrics in the made-to-measure category. 

Sartoria Studio is located at 65-69 West Houston Street at the corner of Wooster Street. 

Private appointments encouraged, Walk-ins also welcome.  

For trunk show media appointments, interview requests, and other media inquiries, contact 

Scabal Treasure Box 24 Karat Gold Fabric at Sartoria Studio 

For over 80 years, Scabal has been working with a selection of master weavers in England who have continually pushed the boundaries in fabric production striving in their pursuit of perfection in the world of luxury cloth. Treasure Box is one of the finest examples of this success.  

This superlative collection combines the modest softness of a Super 150’s Merino Wool with the opulent splendor of 24 carat gold thread expertly woven together to create a unique collection of 12 designs. 

The gold inlays of the Treasure Box collection enhance the midnight blue, charcoal, and black wool bases beautifully, highlighting the elegance of this suiting fabric. Up close, the precious metal sparkles, but the clever combination remains discreet from a distance, making it subtle enough even for conservative suiting connoisseurs.

Scabal Diamond Chip Fabric at Sartoria Studio 

The Diamond Chip Collection sets a new standard for cloth that shines both literally and figuratively. Scabal’s dazzling Diamond Chip Special Edition collection is a head-turning example of the brand’s continued pursuit of perfection. As the name suggests, the cloth incorporates genuine diamond chips into a combination of Scabal’s Super 150’s wool and pure silk.  

Woven in the Scabal mill in Yorkshire, England, the diamond chips are processed into the cloth as soon as the wool has been cleaned and combed. Microscopically small diamond fragments are then spread on the wool, and it is only then that the wool is spun. Invisible to the naked eye as individual chips, their combination in the raw fiber produces a uniquely glistening thread – ideal for spinning into unapologetically luxurious fabrics. 

Of course, the beauty of the Scabal Diamond Chip range doesn’t come at the expense of its comfort. The material’s weight and composition ensure it hangs just as elegantly as a cloth made of diamonds deserves to, and the gem’s incorporation at its earliest stages of weaving mean that the finished fabric remains soft as the silk it contains. Woven at Scabal’s heritage Huddersfield mill, the diamond-infused Super 150 wool is combined with pure silk, for an 80-20 weave that’s as tactile as it is breathable. 

Scabal Lapis Lazuli Fabric at Sartoria Studio 

For those who appreciate discreet luxury, and a deeper understanding of the magic that is woven into every Scabal cloth, with the Lapis Lazuli collection, Sartoria Studio and Scabal present an appealing and symbolic choice. The re-edition of one of Scabal’s most highly coveted Special Collections sees the brand’s Super 150’s quality blended with cashmere and fine fragments of Lapis Lazuli, the noble blue gem prized for its deep blue color since antiquity. To create this unique collection the stone is crushed and hand brushed into Scabal’s luxurious Super 150’s wool and cashmere combination before being woven into a cloth with a beautiful luster and feel. 

In Lapis Lazuli, the refinement of fine tailoring meets new developments in textile technology while also bringing a subtly spiritual dimension to suiting. The intensely colored stone, prized for more than 6,000 years since the time of the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and Sumerians, is renowned as ‘a stone of protection’. In the Middle Ages the well-known color “outremer blue” was created from Lapis Lazuli. Famous painters used this incredible deep blue pigment until the 19th century. The result was so exceptional that at this time, the price of the stone was even higher than gold. 

Lapis Lazuli is said to stimulate objectivity and clarity – as well as inspiring personal confidence and strengthening relationships. While the same might be said of any Scabal suit – crafted at Sartoria Studio–, these qualities are doubtless enhanced in this luxurious Super 150’s quality suiting, weighing 280 grammes. Containing 2 per cent cashmere, the fabric is woven in Scabal’s own mill in West Yorkshire, England, and can be worn year-round.

About SARTORIA STUDIO: Founded in late 2022 by retail visionary and CEO Jack Menashe, Sartoria Studio is a modern haberdashery and style laboratory located at 65-69 West Houston Street in New York City, specialized in made-to-measure clothing crafted to the highest standards of Italian tradition and Savile Row tailoring – with a downtown New York edge. Sartoria Studio stylists and tailors are on a mission to help men discover and develop their own unique fashion identities. Each bench-made, precisely tailored Sartoria Studio garment is designed to impress and crafted to last using only the world’s most luxurious fabrics, premium embellishments, and customizations. Located in New York City’s Soho district, Sartoria Studio welcomes clients to a relaxed club lounge environment designed by James Mansour offering made-to-measure garments as well as a curated collection of premium ready-to-wear apparel, accessories, fine art, and rare collectibles. 

Visit Sartoria Studio, Official Scabal Tailoring Partner, at 65-69 West Houston Street in New York City.   

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