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ART IS x Artist Pilar Zeta Celebrate Opening Night of “The Space of Variations” Solo Exhibition on May 14 at Praz Delavallade Gallery


Los Angeles, CA (May 17, 2022)— NFT driven agency ART IS and Pilar Zeta welcomed VIP attendees to “The Space of Variations  solo exhibition on Saturday, May 14, at the Praz Delavallade Gallery in L.A. Presented and produced by ART IS, “The Space of Variations” marks Zeta’s first solo exhibition in the United States, following the success of her recent large-scale immersive artwork— “Hall of Visions— commissioned by Faena Art in Miami Beach during Art Basel 2021. Artworks are also currently on display at

The Argentinean artist and Creative Director has manifested her aesthetic in numerous mediums from her fine artwork to music videos, album artwork, set design, and live performances, having collaborated with influential musical artists such as Coldplay, Lil Nas X, Camila Cabello, and Katy Perry. Now with this ART IS partnership, Zeta moves into the metaverse. 

Through their partnership, ART IS and Pilar Zeta sought to transcend fine art’s traditional material limitations and explore infinite digital platforms and otherworldly dimensions. Zeta showcased physical works alongside animated NFT artworks produced by ART IS, each in dialogue with each other and presenting myriad variations of Zeta’s iconic egg forms, a universal token of rebirth and creation, and a series of arches that offer glimpses into parallel universes.

Physical artworks on display included oil paintings and large and small-scale totemic mixed-media sculptures (combining different semi-precious minerals such as opal, agate, jade, and gold). A series of animated NFT artworks was also presented, and opening night event attendees enjoyed the opportunity to interact live with the artist and commission customized NFTs, minted to their specifications by ART IS blockchain experts.

ART IS Founder Dom Wojnarowski: “At ART IS, we are proud to partner with artists like Pilar Zeta, minting NFTs and producing digital and physical exhibitions to amplify their artwork in the Metaverse and beyond. This event encapsulates the value and utility that ART IS promises to our exclusive NFT collector community: unforgettable experiences with some of the leading new artists of our generation and first access to their remarkable artworks.”

Artist Pilar Zeta: ART IS was the perfect partner for this exhibition as they understand my vision and worked closely with me to capture the essence of each physical work of art as an NFT work that also unfolds in the digital realm.”

ART IS also partnered with Zeta to produce an exclusive NFT art series featuring her signature egg motif, with six distinct one-of-one designs. The series represents the third chapter in Zeta’s recent narrative journey, following “Hall of Visions” and “The Space of Variations.”

Leading with the egg’s central themes of creation, rebirth, spirit, and intuition, the nascent 1/1 NFT egg series entered the Metaverse on May 4, 2022, at

ART IS is an art gallery and marketplace, global community, NFT minting portal, production house, and artist advocacy firm. Founded by futurists with a passion for positive impact art and specialized expertise in NFTs, ART IS aims to disrupt the prevailing narratives in art and technology and democratize art curation by leveraging the power of storytelling and the censorship-resistant benefits of blockchain technology.

ART IS has created a new art ecosystem that displaces traditional gatekeepers and empowers artists, broadcasting their vision and content to a highly engaged global community through a Web3 gallery and Metaverse-driven digital platforms, physical gallery spaces in Malibu, Beverly Hills, and New York City, and NFT minting and artist management services. For more information, visit DISCOVERARTIS.COM

About Pilar Zeta – Argentinian-born artist Pilar Zeta (b. 1986) currently resides in the United States, working as a Multimedia Artist & Director. Her creations granted her international recognition, including a 2021 Grammy nomination for her role as Art Director for Coldplay’s ‘Everyday Life’. In 2021, Zeta was commissioned to do the main installation during Miami Art Basel at Faena Miami. Under the name ‘Hall of Visions’ this site-specific monumental installation was open to the public through Art Week and lived forever in the form of NFTs.

Zeta’s art is heavily influenced by her upbringing (her mother was an art history teacher in Argentina) and a nascent interest in Ancient Egypt, cosmology, and metaphysics. Having been introduced to esoteric philosophies from a young age, Pilar Zeta’s understanding of Neo-Metaphysical concepts is ubiquitous throughout her various artistic creations. Zeta’s artistic style is defined by her minimalist, surrealist landscapes, her bold use of color and of deconstructed shapes. She has described her artistic style as ‘mystical futurism.’ Zeta’s allusions to ancient traditions concerning practical magic and her innovative digital skills allow her to create liminal spaces in which both the past and the future are acknowledged and engaged with.

Zeta’s most well-known works are her collaborations for influential musical artists such as Coldplay, Lil Nas X, Camila Cabello, creating from album artwork to directing videos and live performances.

For more information, visit and on Instagram at pilar_zeta

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