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Kross Studio Reveals New Wayne Enterprises Watch Winder Created in Exclusive Collaboration with Warner Bros., DC, And Uncrate


NEW YORK | Gland, Switzerland (September 26, 2022) – Kross Studio is proud to partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), DC, and Uncrate on an exclusive collaboration: the Wayne Enterprises x Kross Studio Watch Winder. Available to pre-order beginning September 22 on, the unique watch winder is debuting as part of WBCP’s all-new Wayne Enterprises lifestyle label.

Wayne Enterprises X Uncrate

Created by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Wayne Enterprises is a sophisticated lifestyle label featuring luxury products and experiences inspired by DC’s Bruce Wayne, man-about-town, and hero of Gotham City. The brand takes its cues from Bruce Wayne’s sophisticated taste, infused with mystery and purpose. The new Kross Studio x Wayne Enterprises Watch Winder will feature in the upscale new collection developed in partnership with Uncrate, revealed first on on September 22.

Kross Studio for Wayne Enterprises

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Uncrate approached Kross Studio to take part in this collaboration, and the renegade Swiss design atelier channeled Bruce Wayne’s enigmatic elegance for this exclusive version of its watch winder. Appealing design meets impressive horological function in the Kross Studio x Wayne Enterprises winder, making this top-of-the-line technological accessory the perfect fit for the Wayne Enterprises and Uncrate collaboration.

Stand-Out Form and Functionality

As always with any project development, for Kross Studio, functionality Is paramount. This winder comes equipped with two coordinating elements: the winding motor and its support. The winding motor can easily be disassembled and stored while winding a watch, leaving the stand-alone custom brushed black anodized aluminum base to be admired in all Its sophistication. Kross Studio customized the support for this limited edition, emblazoned on its front with a subtle Wayne Enterprises logo.

The winding engine, the most powerful commercial watch winder on the market today, harnesses the force of its powerful movement to maintain the mechanism of any automatic mechanical watch placed within the winding capsule. It comes equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the presence of a watch and thereby activates the winder. When no watch is present, the device remains in standby mode to conserve power.

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