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From Tribeca to Geneva: NYC based jewelry brand MARIJA IVA to exhibit at Gem Genève

Meet Designer Marija Iva Djordjevic at the International Gem and Jewelry Show
Meet Designer Marija Iva Djordjevic at the International Gem and Jewelry Show, May 11-14, 2023

New York (April 13, 2023) – New luxury fine jewelry brand MARIJA IVA will make its official international debut at Gem Genève. Tribeca and Hamptons based designer Marija Iva Djordjevic will exhibit her timeless and chic fine jewelry designs at the international gem and jewelry show from May 11 to 14, 2023 in Geneva.  In the Palexpo convention center, Marija will be located at Village De Designers at booth number VD-03.

Djordjevic was immersed in arts and culture from her earliest years in Belgrade to her studies in Paris and time in Geneva, where she worked for twelve years as a senior jewelry designer for Piaget. Armed with this experience and a longing for new possibilities, she relocated to New York City and launched her eponymous brand, MARIJA IVA jewelry. The brand is the realization of Djordjevic’s long-held dream, to design her own jewelry collection–one that draws on her continental heritage and a New York-inspired, minimalistic vitality.

Marija Iva Djordjevic, Founder and Designer: “We all strive to incorporate beauty and deeper meaning into our everyday lives, and that is what I ultimately hope to achieve with MARIJA IVA jewelry. I design for modern women who appreciate nuanced, understated, and timeless jewelry of the highest quality that can be worn with confidence every single day.”

The brand’s inspired jewelry collections currently include DIVINEEDENÉTERNEL, and NEW YORK, deriving influence from ancient mythology, the cosmos, religious emblems, natural wonders, modern culture, and her own deeply personal associations. The designer’s constant creativity all but ensures that product offerings will continually evolve in the years to come.

MARIJA IVA designs mine the inspiration all around the designer, from the sights of New York City’s streets to museum masterworks and a lifetime of travel experiences. Designs range from minimalist classics like gemstone eternity bands to pendants, bracelets, and earrings featuring snakes, stars, and crosses – familiar forms stripped down to their purest essence.

Djordjevic personally designs each piece, beginning by putting pencil to paper in her sketchbook to refine her ideas before completing a scale rendering of the piece in gouache technique. A trained bench jeweler herself, she works closely with French jewelry partners to handcraft each MARIJA IVA piece according to her exacting direction and stringent quality standards. From conception to final polish, a single piece may require six months to produce.

In the spirit of the old masters she so admires, Djordjevic has chosen to work in her chosen medium and connect with her patrons directly. Ultimately, with MARIJA IVA, she hopes to create a meaningful body of work that endures and resonates. “Jewelry is a map of life,” she says. “Each piece carries with it the power and beauty of our most significant moments.”

To schedule a Gem Genève Appointment with MARIJA IVA, contact for press appointments and interview requests.

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About Marija Iva

Fine jewelry brand MARIJA IVA was founded by Marija Iva Djordjevic, an experienced jewelry designer and bench jeweler based in the Hamptons and New York’s Tribeca District. Djordjevic’s namesake luxury fine jewelry brand reflects the designer’s deep affinity for streamlined elegance, superior handcraft, and luxurious materials. Continental influences stemming from Djordjevic’s early European years and experience designing for elite heritage jewelry houses inform MARIJA IVA’s diverse range of collections including DANA, DIVINE, EDEN, ÉTERNEL, and HAMPTONS. Each MARIJA IVA jewelry piece exudes a richly nuanced, timeless quality and is designed to be worn with joy and confidence every day.

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