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Design-Forward Watches and Accessories from Swiss atelier Kross Studio


Renegade Swiss design atelier Kross Studio excels in creating high-performance collectible products, many infused with elements of pop culture, comics, sci-fi, and fantasy. Kross Studio mines a rich vein of inspiration through its house-made designs and high-profile collaborations with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and renowned designer Alain Silberstein. 

This assortment of high-end gift options and collectibles includes timepieces, a watch winder, functional art objects, and luxury accessories inspired by “Batman,” and more, as well as original Kross Studio house designs like the new classic colors watch collection. Each holiday gift option is sure to appeal to watch lovers as well as pop culture aficionados.

A Sleek and Connected Watch Winder

Kross Studio Aluminum Watch Winder

The new connected Kross Studio watch winder offers the perfect gift for lovers of wristwatches and minimalist design. Equipped with a next-generation motor, a Bluetooth connection, and a dedicated smartphone application, the Kross Studio watch winder features the most efficient top-of-the-range technology, and combines function and design, simplicity, and high performance.

The clever winder is composed of two components: the winding motor and its support, from which it can easily be disassembled in order to be stored while winding a watch. The support, in brushed aluminum, integrates seamlessly into the most stylish interiors. The winding engine, one of the most powerful existing today, harnesses the force of its powerful movement to maintain the mechanism of any automatic mechanical watch placed within the winding capsule. It comes equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the presence of a watch and thereby activates the winder. When no watch is present, the device remains in standby mode to conserve power. 

The Bluetooth interface offers the owner access to all its parameters available via a smartphone dedicated application, Kross Watch Winder, available on App Store and Google Play. In this way, the user can define optimal settings for their automatic watch model, fine-tuning the direction of rotation, rotation time, and load control.

Colorful Leather Watch Rolls

Kross Studio Classic Colors Watch Rolls

Kross Studio has released a new series of classic leather watch rolls in an array of colors. Each roll offers the perfect balance of protection and upscale materials, classic styling, and practical functionality. The contrast-stitched, vegetable-tanned leather cases are available in a range of hues, from neutrals (tan, grey, black) and classic tones (navy blue, green, gold, baby pink) to highly saturated colors (royal blue, orange, red, yellow, turquoise). 

The rigorously tested rolls offer unmatched protection and shockproofing for any wristwatch or smartwatch, at home or abroad, thanks to a removable pillow insert, fine microfiber lining, and rigorously padded, stitched, and panel-reinforced case walls. Rolls can be stowed discreetly within a carry-on or dresser drawer or proudly displayed and stood upright thanks to the ‘legs’ on the bottom of each roll.

Kross Studio The Batman Watch Rolls Collection

Kross Studio has partnered once again with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to present four watch rolls, each a perfect gift for watch lovers and fans of the Caped Crusader. The new collection of richly textured leather watch rolls, each sold separately ($250 USD), and features four distinct representations of iconic film characters from “The Batman” movie: Batman (two editions), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and The Riddler. 

Each watch holder model is crafted of genuine tan vegetal leather and comes screen-printed with a character’s striking likeness. Kross Studio designed each watch roll with unique accents and complementary colors inspired by the film character represented, with screen prints and contrast stitching in red for Batman editions, blue for the Selina Kyle (Catwoman) option, or green for The Riddler model.

Snap top closures flip wide open to accommodate any style of watch, cushioned on a removable pillow insert. High-quality black microfiber fabric and robust padding cradle the watch secured within and effectively prevents scratches and damage to the dial and band or strap. A co-branded patch stitched to the watch roll flap attests to each product’s authenticity. An included instruction card with QR code directs the owner to a registration page to access the digital user manual and to activate the 3-year extended warranty.

A Dream Timepiece and Collector Set from Kross Studio and Alain Silberstein

Alain Silberstein Lotus Tourbillon

For the design-obsessed, a Kross Studio and Alain Silberstein collector set makes the gift of a lifetime. The famed designer approached the Swiss design firm to help bring his high horological vision to life: a lotus-inspired titanium timepiece that captures the essence of the sacred Asian flower, delivered in a unique and functional totemic art object. Only eighteen Lotus timepiece collector sets will ever be made.

A seemingly delicate titanium lotus flower floats atop the tourbillon cage and central regulator of the famous Kross Studio KS 7’000 caliber. The ephemeral, sacred lotus flower reminds the viewer that each passing moment is precious. Silberstein’s signature bold graphic style is artfully employed throughout the timepiece, heightened by Kross Studio’s ingenious technical flourishes such as the peripheral hour and minute display and a clever and intuitive D-ring winder on the case back. Silberstein’s visual language is also revealed in the totemic watch case that completes this collector’s set: a functional art object designed especially for this collaboration. The Lotus Tourbillon takes its place within a compartment that has been seamlessly integrated into the yellow cube between a blue triangle and red square.

About Kross Studio: Kross Studio is the leading next-generation Swiss design studio and manufacturer, founded in 2020 with a vision to erase the boundaries between fine art, pop culture, and high-end product design. Kross Studio produces immersive, expertly engineered, and highly collectible art objects that defy categorization.

Just two years into its inception, Kross Studio has already established ongoing collaborations with the world’s leading entertainment companies, including Lucasfilm Ltd. and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, to create richly imagined collector’s items and collector sets that fuse beloved pop cultural iconography with high-end finishes, a hint of nostalgia, and hyper-creative horological elements.

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